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XII International Scientific Conference for Service Sector –

Ohrid, 3 – 5 October 2013



Faculty of tourism and hospitality is pleased to invite you on XII International Scientific Conference for service sector that will be held in Ohrid from 3 to 5 of October, 2013. The aim of the Conference is to stimulate open discussions between experts, practitioners, researchers, scholars and academia on various aspects of services sector development. Participants can submit review and research papers related to the conference main topic and the different thematic areas of the conference related to tourism and hospitality; insurance; customs and freight forwarding; and financial services.



Tourism in the 21. Century

Sustainable development in Hospitality Industry

Insurance in developing countries

Customs and Freight - forwarding and integration processes

Investments and financial effects


Tourism in the 21. Century 

Contemporary tourism is facing with many challenges that attract attention and provoke discussions between experts, practitioners, researchers, scholars and academia. What are perspectives for future development of tourism and what results to expect are frequently asked questions. Nowadays, starting points for discussions are benefits from tourism for the society, culture, environment and economy, different from previous period when tourism development was only seen through its economic impacts. Therefore we invite you to exchange knowledge and ideas from your perspective on different issues  related to current trends in international travel and tourism; economic, social, environmental and cultural impacts of tourism; destination management; challenges and best practices in tourism and hospitality management and marketing; events management; quality management; ICT in tourism; human resources management; tourism perspectives and sustainability; tourism policy, planning and development; education in tourism and studies relating to key industry players.  


Sustainable development in the catering industry

Guided by the desire for a better life and better quality, modern human civilization inevitably move towards fully exploiting all the natural wealth and resources of planet Earth, and thus to the critical point of his own elemental survival. Observing that global environmental danger, gradually begin to appear and the first signs of "awakening" of man expressed through the concept of sustainable development, which stands for the overall protection of nature and natural resources of the Earth with one goal: to save the planet country and for future generations. Sustainability as a modern trend, but a necessity in today's life, covering all aspects of human life and action. Thus, the concept of sustainability inevitably imposes a basic requirement in the catering industry, which contributes to increasing the quality of products and level of services provided, creating loyal and satisfied customers, maintaining high-performance businesses and creating organization, and increase its competitiveness in the market in terms of changing business environment at the same time protecting the environment.

Sub-themes: Sustainability - a universal factor for a successful business in the catering industry; sustainable competitive advantage in the catering industry; Sustainability Standards and certifications; Quality products and services in the catering industry; Strategies for sustainability; Planning and development in hospitality towards sustainability; Renewable energy and energy efficiency in the catering industry; Waste Management in the catering industry; Water managing in the catering industry; Eco design and sustainable architecture in hospitality; Sustainable management in the hospitality industry; Green hotels; Menus healthy food; "Overall" consumer " responsible "consumers in the catering industry; systems and strategies for environmental management in the catering industry.


Insurance in developing countries

In the last ten years the insurance market in the Republic of Macedonia transferred from the hands of mostly domestic companies into the hands of large foreign insurance companies as for the non-life insurance as well as for life insurance. Today, there exist eleven non-life insurance companies and four life insurance companies. The development of life insurance is especially interesting. In the following years market liberalization of the regular types of insurance such as liability insurance of motor vehicles is expected. In the neighboring countries we have a similar situation. These flows also have an impact on the future development of insurance, as well as on the modeling of these flows and predicting future trends.


Customs and freight-forwarding and integration processes

Integration into European and world trends as well as enhancing the economical development needs an agile and responsible Customs administration and customs policy. The Custom administration through the application of some instruments provides a strong and effective support of the private sector, an easier trade, revenue collection, protection of the legal trade and standards for customs operations. Today more than ever there is the necessary for fighting organized crime and customs frauds through investing in advanced IT, in organized workforce and also aligning the whole customs field with the existing European regulation.  In that direction we invite you to deliver your studies related to: customs today and tomorrow, globalization and integration processes, modernization of customs, harmonization of legislation and procedures, developing curricula for customs and freight-forwarding, challenges in international freight-forwarding; customs criminal acts and processing of such criminal acts; instruments for trade policy; integration processes and customs policy; regional economic integrations as well as other issues relating to the customs and freight-forwarding domain


Investments and financial effects

Investments as a deferred consumption is a fundamental prerequisite for economic development and for recovery and expansion of capital funds in every national economy. The modern conditions for rapid development of science and technology and the dynamic changes in all spheres of social life even more impose the need for rapid modernization and investments as a precondition for development. Investments activate all available natural resources, workforce and, knowledge and also boost the productivity and production efficiency. The need for investment requires distinguishing between the real and the financial assets, just for understanding the process of investing in financial instruments and creating efficient portfolio with diversification. Regardless of the form of the long-term investments, there is a need for their planning and evaluation of the effects of investment. Therefore, we invite you to submit your research papers that cover all the previously mentioned aspects related to investment activity and investment policy, and in particular to: investments in sustainable economic development, global financial crisis and investment strategies, evaluation of the effects of investments, financial markets and investments, international finance.



Abstract submission deadline: 25.04.2013

Information about abstract acceptance: 10.05.2013

Paper submission deadline: 15.06.2013

Information about abstract acceptance: 15.08.2013



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Papers must be writen in English.

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The participation fee payment and two positive reviews are prerequisites for the publication of the papers in the Conference Proceedings.

Papers have to be original and not to be published before.

One author can participate conference with maximum two papers (as an author and as a co-author).

Papers that will be presented on the conference will be published on the International Scientific Journal “Horizons” and will be included in EBSCO database.



Conference fee is charged by person and amounts 200€. The participation fee for co-authors that participate the conference amounts 100€..

The participation fee covers: Conference proceedings, conference materials, cocktail, refreshments and dinner after the conference.


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Prof. Daniela Gracan, PhD - Croatia

Prof. Jan-Henrik Nilsen, PhD - Sweden

Prof. Ksenia Vodeb, PhD - Slovenia

Prof. Liljana Kosar, PhD – Serbia

Prof. Nadia Teuma, PhD – Malta

Prof. Snezana Stetik, PhD – Serbia

Prof. Fotis Kilipiris,, PhD – Greece

Prof. Zdenko Cerovic, PhD – Croatia

Prof. Vanja Dragicevic, PhD – Serbia

Prof. Malin Zilinger, PhD - Sweden

Prof. Sandra Corak, PhD -  Croatia

Prof. Sanja Vlahovic, PhD – Montenegro

Prof. Hartmut Reihn, PhD – Germany

Prof. Marijana Curak, PhD – Croatia

Doc. Vladimir Njegomir, PhD - Serbia

Prof. Tom Aiupa , PhD - USA

Prof. Helmut Gründl, PhD - Germany

Prof. Klime Poposki, PhD - Macedonia

Doc. Gjurgjica Stojanovic, PhD - Serbia

Prof. Hans Michael Wolfgang, PhD - Germany

Prof. Eisenstein Bernd, PhD - Germany

Prof. Lazar Lazic .PhD - Serbia

Prof. Tome Nenovski, PhD - Macedonia

Prof. Zoran Stojanoski, PhD - Macedonia

Prof. Zorka Grandov, PhD - Bosnia and Herzegovina

Prof. Jordanka Aleksieva, PhD - Bulgaria

Prof. Sanel Jakupovic, PhD - Banja Luka

Prof. Evica Delova Jolevska, PhD - Macedonia

Prof. Irena Kikerkova, PhD Macedonia

Prof. Marijan Curkovic, PhD – Croatia

Prof. Zika Stojanovic, PhD – Serbia

Prof. Martin Bosch, PhD – Switzerland

Prof. Stephane Ngo Mai, PhD – France

Prof. Christian Longhi, PhD – France

Prof. Stefan Kireta - Slovakia

Elizabeth Ineson – UK

Miroslava Atanasova Rakovska – Bulgaria

Dr. Ahim Ragman - Germany




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Invited Plenary speaker


Christian LONGHI, Lucas VIALLIS
University Nice Sophia–Antipolis, GREDEG CNRS - Biography