The beginnings of the Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality are closely related to field of Tourism which represents an originator of this institution's educational process and to the foundations of the high education in Republic of Macedonia from the area of Tourism as well. Through the four-and-a-half decades existence of the field of Tourism it was seen proof of the quality of the studied curricula, adjusting them to the socially-economic needs for highly-educated staff from the area of Tourism, capable of solving the problems on all systematic levels in the country and abroad. The structure of the study program Tourism enables the students to individually create and shape their academic education. This approach comes as a result of its continuous modernization which arises from the modern global processes not only in educational but also in the professional context in national and international level.

Studying the course disciplines of Tourism opens possibilities for constant elevation of the tourist activity in the Republic of Macedonia through using utilization of profiled experts who will be able to deal with the challenges of the modern tour processes. Students are being enabled to complement their knowledge in other university environments in the country and abroad through application of the European credit transfer system for student mobility wherein mobility from our and students from other universities are being realized.

After completing the first cycle of studies in Tourism, students acquire knowledge and skills that they can apply in their profession in the best professional way. By engaging in this study program students acquire modern knowledge about the specifics and characteristics of tourism according to highly-educational internationally recognized standards, but at the same time acquire general educational knowledge in the areas of spatial, socio-economic, socio-cultural values, and other domains of the tourism.

The heterogeneity of tourism enables application of the knowledge of a multidisciplinary nature.Students are trained to manage tourism processes in all spheres of its activity and performance of the tourism market with creative ability to identify, analyze and solve problems.

Graduates of the first cycle of four years of university studies at this study program acquire 240 credits and academic diploma in tourism manager (BA in tourism).