Management in the service sector

According to the national framework for higher education qualifications, the first cycle of university studies in Management in the service sector belongs to University studies with 240 credits - VIA, and enables students for work in the service sector, especially in the areas of culture, logistics, promotional activities and financial operations. The curriculum has been drafted according to the model 4+1, which means four-year undergraduate studies, with the possibility of registering another one year for postgraduate studies of second cycle.

The Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality in Ohrid as the oldest higher educational institution in the country which offers study programs in the services sector (Tourism, Hotel Management, Insurance, Customs and freight-forwarding) offers a study program entitled Management in the service sector with four modules: Promotional Management, Logistics Management, Management in culture, and Management in financial operations. Finishing the four-years studies of the first cycle of university studies, the graduated students gain a corresponding degree, depending on the module they finished:

  • On the module Promotional Management Bachelor of Management in the service sector - Promotional management;
  • On the module Logistics Management - Bachelor of Management in service sector - Logistics management;
  • On the module Management in Culture - Bachelor of Management in service sector- Management in culture;
  • On the module Management in financial operations - Bachelor of Management in service sector – Management in financial operations.