Hotel and restaurant management

The modernization of the study program for studies in the field of tourism and hospitality is determined primarily by world trends in the development of tourism and hospitality, and the development of education and educational activity. 

The study program of the Hotel and restaurant management in the first cycle is an opportunity to promote the hotel and restaurant business in the country through the use of specialized experts who will be able to cope with the challenges of modern hotel and restaurant processes. The study program is aimed at using modern methods working life capability of understanding the latest scientific results and implementation and the use of application solutions. 

The competitiveness of the hotel and the restaurant market requires knowing the basics of restaurant hostility - issues, the characteristics of spatial categories in the hotel and hostility, social and sociological values ​​of the hotel - restaurant business, the characteristics of participants in these processes, economic conditionality and the economic results, legal regulation and control of complex activities. It means that it will enable proper management of resources both within the spatial units and administrative frameworks through the education process, so the economic entities operating in the field of hospitality and hostility.