Tourism - 1 year

The existence of the second cycle one-year study program in Tourism opens up a possibility to enrich one’s professional knowledge in tourism, in addition to the first cycle studies, with 240 credits by using proper methods for systematic and creative problem solving. According to the national frame of high education qualifications, it belongs to the second cycle studies-master studies 60 credits VIIA, during a year, with 2 terms.

This program is created for the purpose of using modern methods in work activities, especially in acknowledging new scientific results and their implementation as applicable solutions. It also increases the possibility of further advancement of the Macedonian tourism, by generating experts trained to handle more complex challenges in modern tourism. By implementing the scientific research and extended knowledge, these experts will be able to act appropriately in planning and performing the obligations and tasks.

The knowledge of multidisciplinary character in the course of the second cycle studies provides the students the ability to face complicated issues, systematical and creative assessment of various data. Students acquire competence to estimate theoretic and practical points of modern sense accomplished in tourism, in order to estimate and select scientific theories, methodologies, tools and common skills in tourism successfully, and to construct scientifically based analyses.