Insurance - 1 year

The study program for Insurance on the second cycle studies - master academic studies are modeled according to the 4+1 model. According to the national framework of the higher educational qualifications belongs to the second cycle of studies- master academic studies with 60 credits VIIA.

The study program in Insurance on the second cycle studies represents an opportunity for advancement of the activities undertaken in the field of Insurance in the Republic of Macedonia through using the profiled experts that will be able to handle the challenges of the modern processes in the field of Insurance. The competitiveness of the market of Insurance requires for improved skills to be acquired for the modern tendencies in the field of Insurance, all with the purpose of modernization of the practices, from the aspect of the field that present a basis in the field of Insurance: economical sciences, legal and technical-math sciences, economic conditionality and economic results, legal regulations and control of complex activities.

The profiled staff gains in-depth knowledge that enable a proper approach to planning and realizing of the working processes in this field.

The study program of Insurance of the second cycle studies enables the graduated students to develop characteristics for critical, independent and creative solution of the problems with certain originality in new or unfamiliar environments and in multidisciplinary context, in connection to the field of study. Also, the students are being enabled to act in the Insurance market with created appropriateness of the necessary elements. They build capabilities for complete inclusion in the labor market in the country and abroad.