Gastronomy - 2 years

The study program of Gastronomy under the national framework for higher education qualifications belongs to the second cycle - master academic studies with 120 credits - VII A.

In accordance with the International Standard Classification of Education - ISCD and the international Frascati classification study the program of Gastronomy, Nutrition and Dietetics belongs to the area of social sciences (5), scientific tourism and hospitality field (5:14).

The study program of the new direction "Gastronomy, Nutrition and Dietetics" enables the creation of highly professional staff in the field of gastronomy, nutrition, and dietetics. This particular personnel can improve the gastronomic skills and techniques of cooking, understanding and enforcement of proper nutrition and diet that will fully contribute to the development of tourism and hospitality in the country, improving health and quality of life of the population of Macedonia and applying a professional approach in the treatment of certain diseases using a specific diet. Gourmet catering as a specific activity occupies an extremely important role in the overall socio - economic development of our country, given the fact that it excels at age-old gastronomic tradition and strongly expressed hospitality.