Customs and freight forwarding - 1 year

Postgraduate studies at the Department of Customs and freight forwarding on the Faculty of tourism and hospitality in Ohrid were first introduced in the academic year 2004/2005, with the study program Contemporary development tendencies in Customs and Freight – Forwarding. The study program was introduced as a result of the need within the customs and the business community, by the academic staff that has knowledge of customs, international trade and logistics, economics and law. In order to be thoroughly understood, customs requires a multidisciplinary approach from the economic, legal, political, social and security perspective, which is a confirmation of the need for the existence of a study program that meets the complex challenges. After 15 years since the introduction of the study program for postgraduate studies, through its constant revising, today we offer fully modernized study program and a study program which is harmonized with the requirements of the business and the scientific community.

The delivery of goods internationally means crossing national borders and respect of the procedures and fees at this crossing. The transport of goods across borders requires the fulfillment of a number of procedures imposed by laws and international treaties. In order to properly implementation of this process, we need staff that has appropriate knowledge in the field.

The second cycle in Customs and Freight – Forwarding is allowing students to gain knowledge in international trade and contemporary customs systems, to know the customs regulations in international trade and to acquire skills in forwarding - logistic operations.

The second cycle of studies in Customs and Freight – Forwarding has an aim to profile employees who can successfully meet the requirements of management positions both within the public and within the private sector. Students will be able to use their skills in customs and freight forwarding - logistics companies, as well as operating in the business entities that perform foreign - trade operations. The knowledge and skills acquired in this study program students can use also in the public administration, but in the same time for running their own business, especially in the freight forwarding - logistics sector. They'll gain knowledge, skills and abilities that will allow them to smoothly carry out their activities in the field of foreign trade. The knowledge and skills acquired during their studies, also enable students for easier acquisition of advocating licenses in the activities that have be done before the customs authorities. Knowledge in the field of customs and freight forwarding gained on this study program fully complies with the European and global trends and standards for customs and freight forwarding activities, which allows the students their involvement in international institutions in this area, such as the World Customs Organization, World Trade Organization.

The goal of the second cycle in Customs and Freight – Forwarding is also to prepare a part of the students for their further upgrading in the area of international trade, logistics, management, economics and law, giving the basis and motivation for their involvement in the academic community and gaining doctoral degree on some of domestic or foreign universities.

Study program for one year master studies in the study program Customs and Freight Forwarding is organized according to the model 4 + 1. This study program according to the national framework of higher education qualifications belongs to the second cycle of studies - master's degree 60 credits - VIIA, with duration of 1 year (2 semesters). After passing the envisaged exams, students prepare a compulsory scientific research work, i.e. master thesis, defend it on publicly organized defense and thus complete the second cycle of academic studies in Customs and Freight Forwarding. By completing the academic studies in the second cycle of studies, the students acquire a Master's Degree in Customs and Freight-Forwarding (Master in Customs and Freight-Forwarding).

The study program for second cycle of studies in Customs and Freight Forwarding is accredited in both Macedonian and English.