Customs and freight forwarding - 2 years

Postgraduate studies of the Customs and freight forwarding study program on the Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality - Ohrid are established in 1989, and the master studies have been implemented since 2009, in accordance to the Bologna system. The second cycle study program has been modified and completed in 2010, and by doing that, it was completely attuned to the revision and amendments of the high education law. Besides two years of academic studies on customs and forwarding the second cycle in the model 3 + 2, FTU - Ohrid has established a one-year study program master academic studies of the study program for customs and forwarding model 4 + 1. This program based on the national framework of higher education qualifications belongs to the second cycle - Master academic studies 60 credits - VIIA, with a duration of one year, or two semesters. With the completion of academic studies of the second cycle of studies, students acquire Master's degree in customs and forwarding (MA in Customs and freight forwarding).

The second cycle of the study program provides greater and deeper levels of specialization of students in the field of customs and forwarding through a more detailed study of scientific disciplines that offer an advanced level of knowledge in the mentioned areas. At the same time, the scientific dimension and approach in tackling the different thematic areas prevails, in order to educate professional and competent personnel in the field of management in customs and forwarding operations that have expert knowledge and skills easily applied in practice. Within this cycle, students are being trained in scientific research, as well as in creating and implementing appropriate policies in the field of customs and customs operations, forwarding operations, investigative and intelligence activities, integration into the European Customs System, etc. The study program offers a study of customs procedures, the customs system of EU customs crime, international customs conventions and institutions, management of the customs and forwarding operations, and a list of elective subjects that students can choose from, to independently enrich their expert profile with scientific disciplines that they have the greatest interest in.

Hence, this study program educates professional and competent personnel in the field of customs and shipping, which after completion of the second cycle will have expert knowledge and skills to lead forwarding organizations, but can just as successfully face the challenges of management positions in large corporations.

After overcoming and passing the exams, students made mandatory research paper or master thesis, it defend public organized defense and thus end up with the second cycle academic studies in Customs and freight forwarding.